Retail Support


“No-one regrets buying too many souvenirs, only too little.”


Retail customers are the true buyers.  We try to increase the items that sell and remove the items that don’t.  It also means we must keep trying new products to find bestsellers.


  • Starting stock is based on nearest-to-date sales reports from other stands in similar locations/customer base. This ensures we use the latest data to predict what will sell, and stock the appropriate quantities of each item. For instance, rather than have 20, 20, 20 of Groovy stickers for a Bangkok department store outlet, it might look like 40xBangkok, 20xThailand, 10xThai Flag, 5xRomance of Travel, etc.
  • Stock is placed in order of likely bestsellers, from TOP to BOTTOM, LEFT to RIGHT, unless there are also age factors involved. For instance, for kids’ products, they should be on the lower half of the display to ease reach and maximize the bottom portion of the stand/display/spinner.
  • Products are grouped, and each product should have a very clear PRICE HEADER, with the price as big as can be. (Bigger numerals are associated with ‘bargains’ in consumer minds.)
  • We provide the high-quality displays, POS, headers, and suggest promotions that work or have worked in the past to drive volume sales. “4 for $10, $3 each” is always better than “$2.50 each”



For replacement stock, we use two systems with our customers, MONTHLY REPORTS and VISUAL RE-ORDER SYSTEM, but we encourage our proprietary VISUAL ORDER SYSTEM.


  • SALES REPORTS: Consignment customers must send monthly reports, which we use to calculate remaining stock vs sold stock and work out the %age sold.  We aim for 20-30% sold of total stock, and balancing % display of a product with % sold (i.e. if 15% of a display is devoted to Bag Bling, sales should be at least 10%. If only 5%, display is too large and should be used to trial another item).
  • However, because by the time the sales reports come in (first week, following month), stock may be depleted and not reflect POTENTIAL sales. Thus, we also favor using a mid-month or weekly VISUAL ORDER SYSTEM.


    This is the ultimate on-the-shelf check for bestsellers, ensuring stock that is running low gets filled right away.

  • In front of the shelf, using smart phones or tablets, store staff or our own “checkers” login to our website, and visually identifying which items look low or missing, and click and order those.

  • This VISUAL ORDER SYSTEM eliminates bar code scanning. Just select quantity to order and click. Couldn’t be easier or more accurate. Lastly, it doesn’t require English language skills, which varies widely across Asia.
  • We developed this system, because while bar codes work for computers, we are visual creatures, with an amazing memory for images, but not hundreds of numbers. 
  • Up to five photographs of the stand can be uploaded with the order to provide evidence of need.

  • MATCH P.O. to VISUAL ORDER?  If you require a P.O. for delivery, the visual re-orders can automatically forward to your P.O. officer, allowing you time to convert the order# to match your P.O., while we pack your goods. Your account login allows you to view all your #orders too.







We aim to process orders in 24 – 48 hours, and delivery to your store/warehouse depends on where your warehouse is, whether the order can go by truck, air, or sea.  Photo magnets can only be sent by truck or sea, due to being prohibited on aircraft. 


For top selling stores, we send our own staff every month, or as often as necessary to ensure we do not run out of bestselling items.  While they visit, they bring a “kit” to clean and repair the stand, change POS and headers as required, and get feedback from your staff on what customers are telling them.


We have been able to grow sales at one of our retail partners for 18 of the last 20 years, and there is no reason we cannot do the same for you. After all, we are partners on this, and satisfying the customer with value-for-money products benefits everyone.  That's gettin' the Groove!