Intro to Groovy Gear

We want Groovy Gear to be the "best" souvenirs that people buy from their trip.  A real keepsake, and a quality product that will give years of pleasure.  

To that end, we make our products from the best materials available, preferring to err on the side of pricing too high, than offering quality too low.  

For instance, we made our Groovy Gear t-shirts of 100% 220gm thick cotton, too heavy for tropical climates, and also too expensive to make any money from our wholesale price.  We also choose expensive and time-consuming hand printed silk screen instead of inkjet printing, for its thick, long lasting inks, which took up to 4 runs on the same shirt to get the design colors we wanted.  Oops.  

In any case, Groovy Gear is a work in progress, trying to find the best materials, retail display, and price points that best support our wholesalers, and ultimately, our real customers, the travelers who value these products. 

I know I love a good souvenir.  I hope you do too. 

Please feel free to write me with your suggestions for improvement to aaron [at sign*] 

Thank you, Aaron Frankel


*This is to confuse the "spiders" crawling pages for emails.  Use @ instead.