Display Systems

LOOKING GOOD -- the display moves products! 

Placement/display is the most important 'p' after having a good product and a good price!  If you can combine them all, you have a winning combination. 

At Groovy Map, our displays are top quality and super-flexible.  We call this "Lego Luxury" and our spinners can be configured to carry multiple size products, of different lengths and weights, with adjustments of as little as 0.50cm possible.  This allows you to switch for seasons, for promotions, add shelf POS, and just to make things look better!  Our displays are rated to carry up to 50 kg per spinner! 

Our top quality displays are manufactured in Europe and dress-fitted in Thailand, with top-of-the-range ball bearings for easy spinning, castor wheels and legs are made of durable plastic, so no-one can stub a toe!