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Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are both cities on the move, welcoming an influx of visitors eager to discover this unique culture and the wild west vibrancy that still pervades. Check out old colonial buildings, local markets, tuk tuks, ruins and temples, alongside lush boulevards and the sleepy rivers. Go for a bike ride and explore more!

We give you the total low-down on how best to spend a day or three. We also give you our 'Groovy Day' a linked column covering what we'd do in 24hrs if money were no object and we had the stamina of a teenager.

Maps: Greater Cambodia area, Phnom Penh, downtown area, Siem Reap, downtown area, Angkor Wat area, plus street indexes and updated with completely new maps fonts, coloring - less contrast, bigger and better for older eyes!