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MUMBAI (Bombay) is a fast-paced, energetic East-meets-West city with a fantastic mix of old colonial, Victorian architecture, and edifices covered in grime, dust and mildew giving it a funky neo-Gothic groove (that I love!). Rickshaws, tiffin-wallahs, bicycles, wooden carts, overloaded taxis, markets teeming with vendors selling mangoes, flip-flops, brooms and saris... And the food is nothing to laugh at either! A banquet of colors, aromas, tastes... Maximum City indeed.

We also give you our 'Groovy Day' a linked column covering what we'd do in 24hrs if money were no object and we had the stamina of a teenager. AND updated with completely new maps fonts, coloring -- less contrast, bigger and better for older eyes!

5 MAPS: Greater India, Greater Mumbai, Colaba, Juhu, Bandra. Street index.