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Groovy Laos Map E2, 9789745251564

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Laos, where sleepy streets in Vientiane belie the fact that its the capital and where the orange-robed monks and colorful garb of the hill tribes in Luang Prabang bring to life the many cultural gifts of this small northern city (more like a village!) Still pretty much a backwater for many tourists, we love Laos all the more for it. Discover why we think this country and its two main cities are really Groovy!

We also give you our 'Groovy Day' a linked column covering what we'd do in 24hrs if money were no object and we had the stamina of a teenager.

4 Maps: Greater Vientiane, downtown Vientiane, Greater Luang Prabang and downtown Luang Prabang. Includes hotel index. AND updated with completely new maps fonts, coloring -- less contrast, bigger and better for older eyes!


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