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Beijing is a fast-changing, energetic and really huge city, so its difficult to get around without a good map that helps you locate fun places. What looks one inch away on the map is actually over 1 kilometer (.5 miles), so don't think you'll just saunter over or you'll put a hole in your shoes pretty quick.We have done all the hard work for you, so just get the Groovy Map and have a blast!

'We also give you our 'Groovy Day' a linked column covering what we'd do in 24hrs if money were no object and we had the stamina of a teenager. AND updated with completely new maps fonts, coloring -- less contrast, bigger and better for older eyes!

5 Maps: Greater Beijing, Downtown Beijing, Metro Map, Santilun Lu,Ghost St, street index. And we have all street listings in Chinese characters on the Map side and addresses on the Text side for use with taxi drivers - very helpful!